KDE Releases Development Platform, Applications and Plasma Workspaces 4.5.0

10 08 2010

10th August, 2010. KDE today releases the KDE Development Platform 4.5.0. This release brings many performance and stability improvements. The new KSharedDataCache is optimized for fast access to resources stored on disk, such as icons. The new KDE WebKit library provides integration with network settings, password-storage and many other features found in Konqueror.

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Kubuntu 10.04 LTS

29 04 2010

Saiu hoje o Kubuntu 10.04 LTS, Lucid Lynx, a primeira versão Long Term Support baseada no KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE SC 4.4.2)

KDE 4.3.0 esta cá fora

4 08 2009

1720-5299KDE 4.3.0 is out, and it is a great release. It is unlikely that any one specific thing will strike the user as the most noticeable improvement; rather, the overall user experience of KDE has improved greatly in KDE 4.3.0.

The release’s codename, Caizen, is a Japanese philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement throughout all aspects of life. That has been the goal of the KDE team for 4.3.0: polish, polish, polish. The statistics from the bug tracker speak for themselves: 10,000 bugs have been fixed. In addition, close to 63,000 changes were checked in by a little under 700 contributors. That is not to say that the KDE team did not add a large number of new features: 2000 feature requests were implemented in the past 6 months, meaning that any user’s pet feature might well be among the improvements KDE 4.3.0 brings.


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