Consider Linux for Secure Online Banking

12 08 2009

1720-5299Neste artigo Michael Horowitz opina sobre porque razão se devem utilizar máquinas a correr Linux para aceder a plataformas de Home/Online Banking.

Exemplifica também uma série de boas práticas para os utilizadores de sistemas Windows de como manter o sistema a correr o mais limpo possível com recursos a programas de detecção e remoção de Software Malicioso, como a testes Online de detecção de vulnerabilidades. O artigo está extremamente bem escrito. Fica o Link para a tradução para português usando o sistema automático do Yahoo/Babel Fish.

Do you make online financial transactions from a Windows computer? If so, you may want to re-visit that decision.

It’s a given that almost all malicious software targets Windows. In my opinion, while it is possible to secure a Windows computer, the process is too hard, too time-consuming and/or technically over the head of most people.

A recent article at described multiple organizations whose bank accounts were emptied by malicious software on their Windows computers. In one case, the Clampi Trojan sat undetected for a year on the computer of the Controller of a small business, before it decided to make withdrawals from their bank account.

According to recent news reports, “Fraudsters are taking advantage of the widely used but obscure Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network in order to pull off their attacks.” Businesses don’t have the same safeguards as consumers from this type of theft. Both articles describe serious losses and lawsuits.

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