LibreOffice will have roadmap for cloud service next month

23 03 2012

The Document Foundation (TDF), which produces the leading open source office software suite LibreOffice, is on schedule for the release of its plan to offer a cloud version of its software next month.


The team released the last update to its 3.4 build on Thursday and is now focused on developing version 3.5 further, but the group is now also ready to detail its plans for cloud services in April. That said, the team reserves the right to hold off on launch until the last few software fixes come in, TDF spokesman Italo Vignoli told The Register.

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Linux VDI – QVD Open Source VDI Software By QINDEL

22 03 2012


Qindel (Quality, Innovation and Delivery is our motto) is a Consultancy company specialized in OpenSource technologies for big companies in the Telco, Banking and Retail industry. Our flagship product is QVD, a Linux VDI platform built on top of KVM.

What is QVD?

Quality Virtual Desktop is a powerful, open-source virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that makes it easy to deploy highly scalable and low-cost solutions to provision any number of users with local and remote access to their Linux desktop environments.

QVD aims to provide a secure, reliable and easy-to-manage service that can be installed within any enterprise environment quickly and with minimal difficulty. It is focussed primarily on delivering Linux-based virtual desktop environments to end-users with the aim of lowering licensing costs and encouraging the adoption of open-source technology within the enterprise.

We believe that as many applications including email, office tools, banking, and other facilities move into the cloud, Linux is becoming increasingly viable as the standard desktop environment within the workplace, massively reducing licencing and support costs.

QVD provides the perfect way to manage Linux users within large organizations, allowing systems administrators to effectively implement security policies, manage application installation and provision remote desktop access with ease.

QVD Website and info:

More info at this own blog : QVD Section

LibreOffice developer shows prototype Android and HTML5 ports

7 02 2012

The Document Foundation (TDF) announced plans last year to create mobile and cloud versions of LibreOffice. A preliminary iOS porting effort that was undertaken earlier in 2011 demonstrated the viability of the project and showed that the open source office suite could have a future beyond the desktop.


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It’s Time for an International Linux Summit

20 07 2009


Just like the international gang summits in Los Angeles, Linux needs a collective, “sit-down” to discuss the future of this now formidable operating system. I’m not talking about a nice little get together with keynote speakers with high-powered, 10,000 foot views of where Linux is and where it’s going. And I’m not talking about vendor booths touting the latest and greatest Linux toys or big blowout parties from a spectacle-making platinum sponsor.
What we need is a nuts and bolts, sound-proofed room, gathering of the minds and Linux thought leaders to discuss Linux, its current state, its legal standing and its future as an operating system.

It’s time to get serious.

It’s time to focus on the future.

We need key players and contributors from Google, Yahoo, Red Hat, Novell, Debian, Ubuntu, The Linux Foundation, Slackware, CentOS, Oracle, IBM, HP, Intel, AMD, VMware and Citrix to come together and hash out a grand plan for this once niche operating system that’s grown up into the enterprise-level beast that has changed the world.

We need for the best minds in the world to come together in one place for a concentrated focus on creating a Linux map for the next 10 or so years. This map should include the role of Linux in cloud-based computing, virtualization, embedded applications, supercomputing, space exploration, education and energy.

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