Debian Administrator’s Handbook published — and Freed

14 05 2012

Debian Administrator’s Handbook published — and Freed
[Posted May 10, 2012 by jake]

From: Roland Mas


Subject: Debian Administrator’s Handbook published — and Freed

Date: Thu, 10 May 2012 18:52:19 +0200


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The Debian Administrator’s Handbook is now available in several formats
and from several sources — all linked from the website at

This translation into English of the fifth edition of the French “Cahier
de l’Admin Debian” (published by Eyrolles) has been crowdfunded, and the
results are just released.  The funding campaign was so successful that
the book is even published under not one but two free licenses (GPL-2+
and CC-BY-SA-3).  It is available as paperback, in several electronic
formats for easy consumption, and even browsable online from the
website.  And of course, it’s also been made available to Debian users
in the “debian-handbook” package.

Written by Raphaël Hertzog and Roland Mas, two long-time Debian
developers, the book covers a large part of the skillset required of an
administrator of Debian systems.  It describes installation, migration,
configuration of basic services as well as the main network services,
monitoring and backups, virtualization, preparing Debian packages,
securing the system, and a quick crash-course for the beginners.

All versions of the book can be obtained from the website; only the
paperback version will require payment, but donations are welcome from
users of the electronic versions.

Title: Debian Administrator’s Handbook
Authors: Raphaël Hertzog, Roland Mas
Editor: Freexian
Language: English
ISBN: 979-10-91414-00-5 (paperback), 979-10-91414-01-2 (ebook)

Roland Mas

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