How LibreOffice Writer Tops MS Word: 12 Features

11 04 2012

MS Office 2010 is generally credited with having the reputation of being far more stable than earlier releases. However, a service pack has been released, and stability remains a relative concept.Rearranging material can still leave a document in hopeless confusion, and, in general, the use of word should be confined either to documents that contain only text and are under about thirty pages, and documents with graphics, tables, and other objects of under twenty pages.The verdict is also out on whether master documents in Word are reliable — mainly, from what I can figure, because experienced users have developed such a phobia about master documents corrupting their files that they never use them.The situation in Writer is much different. From first-hand experience, I can say that two gigabytes of RAM is enough for tolerable performance while editing documents of up to five hundred pages without documents. And while I have had master documents (and one or two other large files) crash LibreOffice, I have always recovered them without them being corrupted, and almost always without a recurrence.The main reason for crashes in LibreOffice appears to be system memory. With sixteen gigabytes of RAM, Writer has yet to crash any document that I have opened — something that I can’t say about Word.

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2 responses

19 04 2012
Frederico Pissarra

I’m trying to read the full article, but the page reports “forbidden”…
It is forbidden to read about libreoffice outside USA? (I’m from Brasil).

20 04 2012


i’m have no problem reading the article on the link provided.

E estou a aceder de Portugal.


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