Linux VDI – QVD Open Source VDI Software By QINDEL

22 03 2012


Qindel (Quality, Innovation and Delivery is our motto) is a Consultancy company specialized in OpenSource technologies for big companies in the Telco, Banking and Retail industry. Our flagship product is QVD, a Linux VDI platform built on top of KVM.

What is QVD?

Quality Virtual Desktop is a powerful, open-source virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that makes it easy to deploy highly scalable and low-cost solutions to provision any number of users with local and remote access to their Linux desktop environments.

QVD aims to provide a secure, reliable and easy-to-manage service that can be installed within any enterprise environment quickly and with minimal difficulty. It is focussed primarily on delivering Linux-based virtual desktop environments to end-users with the aim of lowering licensing costs and encouraging the adoption of open-source technology within the enterprise.

We believe that as many applications including email, office tools, banking, and other facilities move into the cloud, Linux is becoming increasingly viable as the standard desktop environment within the workplace, massively reducing licencing and support costs.

QVD provides the perfect way to manage Linux users within large organizations, allowing systems administrators to effectively implement security policies, manage application installation and provision remote desktop access with ease.

QVD Website and info:

More info at this own blog : QVD Section




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