ZDNet – Is your PC slowing down?

21 07 2010

Li este artigo com algum espanto tendo em conta a sua origem – tanto a ZDnet como a PCWorld parecem divisões propagandistas da Microsoft, juntamente com a Gartner que já publicou estudos a favor da MS que foram prontamente comprovados que não eram imparciais e alguns vieram-se a saber que foram mesmo “encomendados” pela Microsoft. Mas o Tempo da campanha “Get The Facts” da Microsoft já lá vai e com o crescimento de plataformas Open Source como o Android, Meego entre outras, o Linux está cada vez mais presente nas mãos de muitos que apesar de tudo desconhessem esse facto.

Excerto do Artigo:

Take anybody that uses a computer, and one of the most common topics of discussion is the fact that the PC keeps slowing down over time. But take a look at the root cause of the slowdown and you may discover some interesting finds. I’ve heard everything from “my computer is getting tired” to “the hardware is wearing out”. Well, there is really little truth to those statements. First, PC hardware does not tire out.

The cause of general PC slowdown is the software running on the PC itself. And now that we have different operating systems available, you will find different results with each. Typically, Windows is one of the worst operating systems known to slow down over time. And there are many reasons for this. Take a look at the solutions on the Internet and you will soon find out why it is prone to this.

What you may not have heard is that other operating systems like Linux are not prone to these slowdown issues. I’ve seen installations of Linux that are over 7-8 years old, and they run as good as the day they were installed. How can this be? First, Linux is extremely good at keeping itself cleaned up.

Defragmenting the hard drive. It’s hard to believe that even Windows 7, the latest operating system from Microsoft, is still prone to this problem. The NTFS filesystem (used by Windows NT and up) has other quirks, but it seems to slowly get fragmented and requires defragmenting from time to time

So in the end, we can see that some operating systems (Windows) do not attempt at being efficient and therefore tend to bog down over time. While others (Linux) automatically keep themselves tidy and clean along the way, and avoid the issues altogether. These problems can be compounded on server systems, where performance can affect more than just one user.

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22 07 2010
O último grito em tecnologia

“Late Night” será o próximo pack de expansão para o Sims 3…

Achei esta publicação bastante interessante, desta forma, adicionei um Trackback para ela no meu blog:)…

22 07 2010


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