So what? Windows 7: 7 Reasons Not to Get too Excited

16 05 2009

oops1. Windows is destined to lose more market share:
Windows is not going to gain any ground over Linux. The OS from Redmond simply has too high of a market share for the quality of what they are putting on the market. In addition, the new Windows fails to offer any incentive for the Linux user to make the switch to Microsoft. Even if Windows 7 were to be the absolute best Windows the world had ever seen, in the end it would still be Closed Source.

2. Hardly a new feature:
Linux hackers were once said to be notorious for stealing a variety of ideas from Microsoft. In contrast to this day and age, a peek at the Microsoft’s description of Windows 7 reveals that there is little material to interest anyone hungry for innovation. Most of the new desktop features are hardly impressive: for example, larger desktop icons grace this new Windows product. Also, the Explorer integrated disc burning program now works with ISO copy data, but this is more of a clear indication that Windows 7 users could have an easier time of it with an Ubuntu CD. Another point is that the new version sacrifices a whole slew of accessories that were standard fare in Vista.

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11 01 2010

So what? Windows 7: 7 Reasons Not to Get too Excited .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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